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Foto zeigt einen Holzwürfel ohne BeschriftungFoto zeigt einen Holzwürfel ohne Beschriftung

The adaption and tapering are executed in one-off production. Thus no cube resembles the other one.

The designations are carefully cut out and glued on with shears. Here it is particularly made certain that the designations of a cube must be identical with each cube Tarot set.

The production cube Tarot set takes approximately two weeks.


Selling price inclusive manual, bag, dispatch and value added tax: 298.00 DM   152.36 EUR




What would a set without suit-cases be?         Into suit-cases natural wood-held is a special preparation. The cover is removable. If the suit-case is turned, the soil can be pressed downward. Thus a small desk with edges develops. In the suit-case is sufficient workstation, in order to be able to stow own putting cards and  manuals away.Foto: Zeigt den Innenraum des Würfel-Tarot-Koffers

Foto: Zeigt den Innenraum des Würfel-Tarot-Koffers In the right picture the device for the three-dimensional putting system on several levels is recognizable.


Each suit-case is a one-off production. Each suit-case is a Unikat.


Selling price inclusive dispatch and value added tax: 85 EUR


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