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Foto: Schriftzug "Würfel-Tarot", Ein Würfel mit Aufschrift "Dame" und eine Pyramide.  

On the today's market you find very many supplies. Partly with very beautiful representations.

They detect a cube in the photo and in the background a pyramid. The designation cube Tarot distinguishes the basic base for many geometrical forms and colour identifications.

Cube Tarot is suitable for ALL.

Cube Tarot is to be clarified ideally around occasional specifics question on a situation.

Cube Tarot is ideal for you, if you liked to learn the card putting.

Cube Tarot is for progressing a true challenge - without boundaries.


Past putting systems can remain further assigned.

New fascinating types of putting must remain no more dream.

3 d-Legetechnik with several dimensional levels.


Their justified objection: Those are however no cards?

Response: Each page of a cube is a card. They have 396 cards available - 66 cubes.